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世界選手権第一回大会 / 1wkc

About The 16th World Kendo Championship

The 16WKC is the premium event where kendo competitors from all over the world will gather to test their skills. Under the sponsorship of the International Kendo Federation, the WKC has been held once every three years ever since the first one in Tokyo in 1970. Each year, more competitors from more countries participate, and it keeps getting bigger and better.

When the first WKC was held, only 17 countries and regions participated. However, players from 48 countries and regions joined the 15 WKC held in Novara in 2012. Japan was authorized to host the 16WKC at the general assembly of the FIK held in Italy in 2012. It be held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo from Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March 31. The WKC has been held in Japan three times in the past: the first one in Tokyo, the fourth one in Sapporo, and the tenth in Kyoto. When Japan hosts the 16 WKC, it will have been 18 years since the last one here. Considering how the first WKC was also convened at the Nippon Budokan, our motto for preparing this time is to “go back to basics.”


世界剣道選手権大会(World Kendo Championship ; WKC)は、世界中の剣士が一同に集まり、日々の鍛錬を続けた技を競い合う大会です。国際剣道連盟の主催の下、第1回大会が1970年に東京の日本武道館で行われて以来、3年毎に開催されています。




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