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Getting Ready for 16WKC! Steering Committee Report No.1さあ! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 1

In preparation for the 16th World Kendo Championships(16WKC)scheduled to be held for three days at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo from May 29, 2015, the All Japan Kendo Federation(AJKF)convened a Steering Committee consisting of 11 people representing various other committees. Sato Yuki, International Committee Chairman, was appointed to chair the Steering Committee. We will be providing monthly reports on the various points discussed at the Steering Committee meetings, and updates regarding preparation progress to attract interest and garner support from the kendo community to ensure that the event is a resounding success.

The 4th Steering Committee meeting was held on January 29. AJKF Vice President Matsunaga Masami, and AJKF VP & Managing Director Fukumoto Shuji were also present as committee member responsibilities were decided, and discussions were held to determine the schedule for specific preparation tasks over the 16 months leading up to the 16WKC. It was also decided that the Steering Committee headquarters would be based in the AJKF satellite office located inside the Nippon Budokan, the venue of the 16WKC.

For many kendo enthusiasts around the world, it is a dream to be able to compete at the Nippon Budokan. With this in mind, first and foremost, it is crucial that administrative undertakings are conducted smoothly so that the Japanese kendo community are fully prepared to extend a hearty welcome to all who come, encourage even more interest in the traditional Japanese culture of kendo, and disseminate it further around the world in the future. Currently, there are 52 countries and regions affiliated with the International Kendo Federation(FIK). We anticipate that there will be even more countries wishing to participate in the 16WKC, and are looking forward to a truly exciting event.

In addition to issues concerning management of the tournament venue, accommodation, transportation, publicity, ticket sales, and organizing practice venues, the Steering Committee will also investigate ways to gather donations, make commemoration gifts, and recruit volunteers. One important issue at hand is how to give the tournament a “Japanese flavour”. The logo that was created for the 16WKC is highly acclaimed for the modest way in which it expresses both the strength and elegance inherent in kendo. What needs to be considered from now is how that sentiment can be communicated in posters and audio-visually on the internet. Steering Committee member in charge of PR, Abe Akihito, unveiled a very promising start with regards to this matter. The Steering Committee convenes once a month, and each monthly report from henceforth will be written by a committee member in charge of a specific assignment.





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