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Getting Ready for 16WKC! Steering Committee Report No.13いざ! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 13

There are only 100 days left to the 16WKC. There are only 100 photo spots to go in the countdown photo competition contest. We were a little worried when we started the competition that we would not get enough entries. These concerns have proved to be ungrounded. We are receiving many submissions every day with lots of kid kenshi and smiling kendoka shots from all around the world. The contest is still going, so be sure to send in your best kendo pics.

Among the thousands of spectators expected to come to watch the matches at the 16WKC, there will also be many who have never seen a world kendo tournament before. Although the All-Japan Championships are held there each year, the Nippon Budokan venue is going to be very different for three reasons:

An international venue
The 16WKC will see 57 countries and regions represented. This is the largest number ever. The kenshi representing their countries will surely be an imposing sight not often seen in Japan. Each country has its own style of kendo, and the unfamiliar mix of kendo types, competitive matches, assortment of different languages and supporters will be a new experience for many, and testament to the widespread international popularity of kendo.

A special venue
All of the previous 15 WKCs had their own characteristics and were very successful and memorable. For example, kimono clad women gave out the prizes at the WKC held in Kyoto, bagpipes echoed through the venue in Glasgow, and wonderful singing welcomed competitors to the last WKC in Italy. Of course, the matches are the centerpiece of the WKC, but the events that feature at each WKC are also what make the venue special.

A friendly venue
At 3 days, the WKC is much longer than the All-Japan championships. You will run into thousands of people at the venue for the duration of the WKC including competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers, spectators, vendors of kendo equipment and shop staff. They’ll all be under the same roof, there for a common purpose. It will be a wonderful opportunity to make new kendo friends.

Only 100 days to go. We are working really hard.







16WKC Steering Committee16WKC実行委員

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