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We're Here! Steering Committee Report No.16きた! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 16

It’s upon us. I was tasked with writing this column a year ago to keep everybody up to date with the preparations. I wasn’t supposed to be the only one, but it turned out that way. This is the last report I will be posting. I burned the midnight oil writing these columns, but the road leading up to the 16WKC was certainly not travelled alone. I’ve been helped along the way by countless people.

We received generous donations from companies, federations, and individuals. Then, there are the many students and people who have volunteered their time and service to help during the tournament. Inoue Takehiko created those wonderful posters which are now proudly displayed in hundreds of JR train stations. From a year ago, kendo-loving people all over the place, and even a few celebs have cooperated with the countdown photos. Many companies were involved in designing and producing commemorative goods and the program. Then, of course, there are the players and teams who have been training so hard in preparation for the big day(s). All of this has come together as we head into the much-anticipated event.

It would have been ideal to include all the names of the people who have helped in some way in the tournament program, but that would make it an almanac of massive proportions. I apologise that this cannot be so, but also thank everybody for their incredible contributions. I would also like to thank the many people who wrote in and gave positive feedback about these reports and the activities of the Steering Committee.

Well, we are all but here. I for one can’t wait to enjoy the event over three days with you all. I am sure it will shine a bright light on the future of kendo.

Notification 1: Kanon Adachi will sing the Japanese national anthem at the Opening Ceremony. She is a first-year student at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and sung the national anthem at the National High School Baseball Championships this year. She has a fantastic voice.

Notification 2: All of the countdown photos have been collated into a big poster that will be on display in the Budokan.

Notification 3: Ruber band powered “Kendo paper-craft” goods will be on sale. They’ll make great souvenirs.

Notification 4: A symposium on kendo-gu will be held before the WKC at the Olympic Centre where players and officials will be staying.









16WKC Steering Committee16WKC実行委員

Abe Akihito阿部 晶人

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