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16 WKC Done and Dusted! Last Report from the Steering Committeeやった! 16WKC 実行委員会報告 最終回

I began this ‘relay’ column in the spring of last year. My intention was to finish the series last month to celebrate excitement leading into the 16WKC. As someone said, “A kenshi mush always demonstrate zanshin,” and so I find myself penning one more short article to put the icing on the cake.

For a while after the end of the WKC, I was pretty exhausted, and left in a bit of a daze once the dust had settled. I was involved right from the start with the bidding process four years ago, and have thus had a particularly strong emotional connection to the WKC all this time. I acknowledge that there may have been a few hiccups, and not everything went smoothly, but I hope that everybody had a good time all the same.

Although I was a husk of my formal self in the aftermath, I am happy to say that I am now back to normal! There are times when an image of the tournament pops into my mind. It was of the venue after the closing ceremony on the final day. After the players and spectators bowed in unison to bring the curtain down on the event, all of the team members from each country took photos together on the arena floor with their national flags, shaking hands with players from other countries who they fought against, and enjoying the interaction. It was like the afterglow of the tournament. Seeing people from different countries speaking various languages so happily together, it dawned upon me that the original objective for holding the WKC was realized. It is not just a “championship,” but is also an event imbued with the spirit of "friendship." This scene at the end of the 16WKC was a wonderful demonstration of zanshin for me.

Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of the players, coaches, officials, the numerous tournament staff and volunteers, spectators, and the people all around the world who watched the event via the internet streaming or on TV. Thanks to you all, the 16WKC finished as a great success. This will be my final post. Thank you for reading over the last year. The next WKC will be held in Korea. I wish the next team of organizers the best of luck, and look forward to meeting you all there. Ciao.





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