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Getting Ready for 16WKC! Steering Committee Report No.4さあ! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 4

Greetings. This is Abe Akihito, again. I thought this column was supposed to be prepared by a different person each month, but for some reason this is the third time in succession for me. I guess being the youngest member of the Steering Committee has sealed my fate.

It is just over a year until the 16th World Kendo Championship (16WCK). Each Steering Committee meeting that is convened, the more passionate the discussions by the members become. For the kendo enthusiasts from all over the world to have a pleasant experience at the event, not only do we need to decide the schedule of matches, but also countless details such as venues for meals, practice spaces, accommodation, and so on. Each meeting lasts about three hours, and we have to get through many topics and make decisions as we go.

One matter that will be vital for upping the profile of the 16WKC is the graphic theme for posters and program brochures. This main graphic has two purposes; one is to portray the objective of the 16WKC, and the other is to promote the championship itself. I wanted to create a motif which featuring the keyword for the 16WKC ? “shoshin”, or back to basics ? which is an important concept acknowledged among the kendo enthusiasts all around the world. Furthermore, I also wanted to create something which would encourage people who have no connection with kendo to want to see the event, or something would want to take home and hang it on their wall.

To this end, we decided to ask Mr. Inoue Takehiko to create the main graphic. He is internationally famous for his current work “Vagabond”, which is a manga adapted from the novel “Miyamoto Musashi” by Yoshikawa Eiji. His ability to draw is sublime and goes beyond the realm of manga. He has held solo exhibitions all over Japan, and some of his works have been offered at the Grand Shrine of Ise. We knew he was generally reluctant to accept these kinds of requests, but he kindly agreed to cooperate! Considering Mr. Inoue used to practice kendo, and therefore has a good understanding of it, his work for the 16WKC will surely be amazing. We are in the middle of exchanging rough drafts at the moment, and we can’t wait to show you the final design!





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