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Getting Ready for 16WKC! Steering Committee Report No.5さあ! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 5

I have once again been asked to write this update report for the 16WKC preparation. The pace is frenetic, and it is hard to keep ahead at the moment as I write my fourth column. But, as they say, “the show much go on.”

We have now have less than one year before the 16WKC. Right now, the Steering Committee is drawing on the knowledge of the people in the Information Sub-committee and collating “World Championships Countdown Photos” for the start of a new campaign. The plan is to add a new photograph on a countdown calendar each day as the tournament nears on the WKC homepage and FB.

The point is not just to show how many days are left, but to get kendo enthusiasts around the world involved by submitting kendo photos to mark the buildup to the event. Every day we have been receiving wonderful kendo images of kid’s and elderly people doing kendo, girl’s high school kendo clubs, and from far afield as Vietnam and Belgium.

The Information Sub-committee is checking the submissions each day, but the quality is so high that it is very difficult to decide which ones to use. It is gratifying to see how many people around the world really love kendo. We hope that people will continue to help promote the WKC in this way and make it a success.

There are three social media platforms which phots can be submitted to (FB, Twitter, Instagram.) Just add the tag “#15wkcphoto”. For more information, please follow the following link.

Share Us Your Countdown Photos!







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