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Getting Ready for 16WKC! Steering Committee Report No.8さあ! 16WKCへ向けて実行委員会報告 8

Finally, WKC tickets started selling on September 1. I was a little concerned at first and worried that we still needed to promote the event further. Only a few days into the sales we learned that the first floor seats for the Men’s Team on the last day had completely sold out, which was a huge relief. Those who haven’t purchased tickets need not worry since we still have tickets for the second and third floor on the last day, which are sold at Lawson Ticket and Ticket Pia. Don’t miss the opening ceremony and the Men’s Individual on the opening day, as well as the Women’s Individuals and Women’s Team on the second day.

On September 1, when they started selling the tickets, several staff members and I visited Mr. Inoue Takehiko’s office. As you know, we have asked him to work on the main graphic for the posters, and that day we were there to exchange opinion on how to evolve the design for the poster to create the next one. Since Mr. Inoue also practiced kendo from the third year of elementary school to his senior year of junior high school, every word he said was backed up with his own personal experience. He had many interesting points of view that were quite unique. In addition, we were able to learn the message behind his first poster, and how he tackles his work. We are planning to introduce his story at places in “Kenso” and on the official site for the 16 WKC.

My first encounter with Mr. Inoue was when I participated in the advertisement festival held in France. He was also there, and I was able to talk about kendo with him. After approximately ten years since that meeting, I am thankful that I was able to meet him again, and I want to use this opportunity in the next eight months so that the 16 WKC will capture as many people’s hearts as possible.

P.S. The online store for the official promotional items for the championship is now open. For the time being this is only for people who live in Japan.

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